What can I do for you? 


We all know the routine at the reception.

  • Buy first drink
  • Talk to people we only see at family events
  • Listen to music and watch the kids run around
  • More drinks
  • More music in the background
  • Shout at kids
  • More drinks
  • Buffet
  • More drinks before you think about doing the Macarena
  • Make a fool of yourself

Well now you can fill the void (times by arrangement) with a fun experience for your guests.

I can entertain both young and old(er) by providing the kids with balloon swords, flowers that get used as swords or anything else that can be used as weapons. Later on I walk around the tables making various designs, hats & fun animals for the adults.

From as little as £140 for 2 hours plus £40 for each additional hour (includes all balloons)


Give your product promotion that little extra oooompm!

Entertain the kids = adults stay longer!

I can wander around your premises or "hang around" your event stall enticing all the families into your area where you can pounce and make your pitch. It works!

Corporate prices start from as little as £70 per hour, minimum 4 hours (includes all balloons)


Galas, fetes, fayres, whatever you call them need lots of exciting distractions to keep the kids happy and to keep the parents spending. I always gather quite a crowd around me wherever I go.

Balloons tend to attract an instant queue of kids all wanting a sword, dog or scale model of the Eiffel Tower. The sword and dog (plus many others) I can do on the day, the Eiffel tower takes a little longer!

Prices start from £140 for 2 hours plus £40 for each additional hour (includes all balloons)

Birthdays (ages 6 to 12)

We run a full choice of packages for children of all ages.

I can either provide just balloons for as little as £140 for minimum 2 hours

or :

I can come along and run the whole party for you including:

  • Disco with light show
  • Games (you provide prizes)
  • Balloons

All you have to do is book the room, make the sandwiches and buy a few prizes. Job done!

Full packages start from £180 for 2 hour party